Witch House Planchette Pin LASERBRAIN


Salem's famous Witch House, on a planchette, complete with clear dome. Measures about 1.5" long.

The Witch House, also known as the Jonathan Corwin House, is located in our hometown of Salem, MA and it near and dear to our heart. Although it was home to one of the judges in the famous Salem Witch Trials, it has become a symbol of the gothic subculture, as well as those of a pagan belief system. The house is now a museum and the only standing structure in Salem with a real connection to the trials. Even though the house has a dark history, we take comfort in knowing that we can learn from the past and even take a little evil joy in the fact that we, as women who might well have been accused ourselves in 1692 can now safely stand on the grounds of, and inside this house and know that simply by doing so, we are going against the ideals of persecution that once held true inside those walls.