I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE! Each time I've been there I've spent over $100 because their products are so cool! The staff are above and beyond kind & helpful even when they're extremely busy!
— Blaize
Loved this store! It seemed like everything in the shop was carefully curated. All of the items were good-quality, spooky staples with some extra fun stuff sprinkled in.
— Alyssa
I love this store and it is another must when we travel to Salem. I appreciate that it's a large space, you can move and walk around without feeling overwhelmed or like you have to move if someone needed to get by. Plenty of space for all of us!
— Anonymous
I have never been in the store, I ordered online, but the items were of amazing quality (the fabric is so nice!!) and I absolutely love that some of the models have body types like mine. It's much easier shopping when you see what an item might look like on your body type.
— geminibutts