Pastel Reaper Crew Socks


Are your old socks knocking on Death's door? Or perhaps they've been haunting you with toe seams or sagginess? Have no fear, the Grim Reaper is here to banish them to oblivion! The cutest little reaper you ever did see is here to comfort your calluses and guard your toesies from total annihilation. He's blushing with pride at a job well done! Bring him with you whenever you seek that precious balance between nihilism and whimsy.

 * Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex for breathability, durability, and stretch 
 * DOUBLE TERRY in the heel and toe area adds durability and comfort
 * 200N Thread Count for highest level of detail 
 * 40 Gram Socks with smooth seams 
 * No uncomfortable bumps in the toe area

 * One Size Fits Most Humans Size 6-13, may be snug on wider calves