Mystic Kitty Crew Socks


Sugar and spice, full moons and sacrifice — that’s what little goth kitties are made of! Flying high in the pastel rainbow sky, these winged felines are ready to glide into your sock drawer and cast a comfort spell on your wardrobe. These socks aren’t crafted from cuteness alone! They’re durable enough to withstand the rule of threes without suffering the curse of discomfort.

 * Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex for breathability, durability, and stretch 
 * DOUBLE TERRY in the heel and toe area adds durability and comfort
 * 200N Thread Count for highest level of detail 
 * 40 Gram Socks with smooth seams 
 * No uncomfortable bumps in the toe area

 * One Size Fits Most Humans Size 6-13, may be snug on wider calves