Bat Wing Cinch Clip- Orange HANDMADE LOCALLY


The Bat Wing Cinch Clip was designed by Jenny after buying too many oversized sweaters. She loves being cozy but wanted something that cinched in the waist just a little bit without the necessity of a belt. Of course She had to put a little batty spin on her version! Wear it in the front or the back of your clothes. Where you snap them is up to you!

The cinch clip measures 11.25" from the end of the clip to the other end of the clip.

All metal fastenings are silver toned made of coated zinc. They're a little tough to open but that it was keeps them secure on your clothing throughout your day. (Lift the top lever with a bit of force, slide your fabric in between the plastic teeth and snap shut.)

Jenny Machete Harnesses are made from a soft, supple vegan leather that has just a little stretch. This makes my harnesses stand apart from the others and makes them so much more comfortable to wear next to your skinn