Arachnophobia Maxi Dress



Whether you’re afraid of spiders or drawn to them, there’s no denying that their webs are beautiful works of art. And because Weasel Wear is a brand that stands for both man-made glamor and natural beauty, they couldn’t resist the temptation to combine both in this gorgeous gown!!

Made of rayon jersey, this long, luscious piece possesses a spiderweb midriff peekaboo panel fit for a gothic queen. Additionally, it includes two deep, hidden spiderweb panels in the skirt that reveal themselves only as you walk. The top incorporates adjustable straps, thin padding, and a hidden zipper so you can be as comfortable as you are captivating.

Perfect for date nights, cons, amusement parks, or even lounging. If this lavish skirt doesn’t tempt you to twirl like the dark Disney Princess you are, then nothing will!!

Includes significant stretch. Size chart in photos.