Dark Messenger Anklet Pair HANDMADE LOCALLY


The Dark Messenger Anklet Set was inspired by Jenny's childhood love of all things bats and of Hermes the Messenger Demi God! It was also inspired by a pair of boots that just needed a little something more than what they had going on.

These anklets come in a set (two straps in the same color with opposite facing wings) and are meant to double wrap around your ankle or shoe/boot. Fastened and wrapped they fit from 5" - 12" ankles. (Make sure to measure the area with the shoe you intend to wear them with.) If straps are too long trim after the stitches provided on the strap.

All metal fastenings are silver toned made of coated zinc.

Jenny Machete Harnesses and accessories are made from a soft, supple vegan leather that has just a little stretch. This makes my harnesses stand apart from the others and makes them so much more comfortable to wear next to your skin